The dengue fever is one such disease which is transmitted to the humans through the viruses of mosquito’s family. This is just a form of acute illness. The onset of this acute disease is usually followed by the benign symptoms in the body of the patients. These symptoms include rash, swollen glands, severe joint and muscle pain, exhaustion, fever and headache etc. By the presence of the simple things like headache and rash can easily characterize the disease. Red soles & palms, severe pain behind eyes and bleeding gums are the several other signs of dengue. It is a type of disease which can affect to almost any kind and any age of people but the chances of occurrence of this disease are more to those who are living with some form of compromised immune system of them.

The disease is usually caused by the 4 types of viruses so it can occur multiple times to a person. However it cannot occur more than 4 times to any single person because one time disease transfers the immunity in the person towards that type of virus of this disease. The sufferer of the dengue pain usually feels intense muscle and joint pains this is why the disease is also termed as break bone or dandy fever.

Signs and symptoms of dengue fever

Once a person is bitten by the mosquito that is consisting of the dengue virus the incubation usually happens after 3 to 15 days. Now the symptom of dengue starts covering the body in stages. Low backache, pain on moving eyes, headache and chills are the general symptoms through which the fever of dengue starts from. During all the initial hours of this illness the painful aching to the joints and legs of the person suffering occurs.

Low heart rate and low blood pressure is usually followed by the high temperature rise of the body. The color of eyes becomes red. A pale pink or flushing rash usually comes over to the face of the patient suffering which disappears instantly or within a little time. The neck or groin glands can also be swollen for the case of a few patients of dengue. These sign’ including fever from dengue usually lasts in 2 to 4 days. After it the temperature of the body decreases rapidly which is then followed by profuse sweating. Then you might feel normal for a day then it again followed by temperature rise. This fever usually covers the all parts of the body.