How Movies and Music can help you to Stay Fit

The history of music is very old; you can find a big role of music in the history of more than 2000 years. We all know that music is a best way to help you to release all your tensions and give a good mood, it can also keep you motivated. The same happens with movies too. OK, the movies are not that old, the history of movie came into existence after the invention of Camera. But the history is full of the cousin brother of movie i.e Drama and play. The Movie is the digital version of the drama. The both music and movie is also a main source of entertainment in our life. The music and movie both help to live a stress free life and we all know when we are happy from inner then we would be fit.


Today I will take you a little deeper to tell you how both movies and music works like a medicine to keep your body fit and obviously active.

1st Point- Movie and Music directly Hit Your Brain

Have you ever noticed that while listening to your favorite song you start singing the song to the tune? Yes, that’s common that you might me thinking some serious thing, but as soon as you hear the song you start whispering. That is the power of music because it directly hit your brain to release all the tension from your head.

2nd Point- It Change Your Mood

As I mentioned in the first point, the music hit your brain directly and release all your tensions. When your brain forgets all the tensions you automatically enters into a good mood. Now let’s imagine that you are watching a good comedy movie using any of the best movie streaming websites on your laptop and there is some really funny act goes, in that situation would you cry? No, right? When you smile or add your emotion with movie, you forget all the your own problem and help you to change your mood.

3rd Music Boost the Brain Chemicals

When you listen to any of your favorite movies, it directly hit your brain, which results you a good mood. This also helps the brain to boost its strength by improving its one of the brain chemical. When that chemical improves it automatically improves your strength to think wisely and taking the right decision.

The chemical it releases also known as a Feel Good chemical which mean you will be in the good mood. There are people who use to listen to music while working and according to them that music helps them to get the maximum output.

4th Learn From Movie

There are thousands of kinds of movie and most of the movie teaches you something, some moral. There are also tons of motivational movies available which helps you to achieve what you are looking for in your life. Those motivational movies create a kind of zeal in yourself to achieve some kind of task. When you get what you wanted then it is obvious that you feel good and that ultimately leaves your body stresses less and that result of good health.

There are hundreds of benefits but the above were the most possible reasons.

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