How Movies and Music can help you to Stay Fit

The history of music is very old; you can find a big role of music in the history of more than 2000 years. We all know that music is a best way to help you to release all your tensions and give a good mood, it can also keep you motivated. The same happens with movies too. OK, the movies are not that old, the history of movie came into existence after the invention of Camera. But the history is full of the cousin brother of movie i.e Drama and play. The Movie is the digital version of the drama. The both music and movie is also a main source of entertainment in our life. The music and movie both help to live a stress free life and we all know when we are happy from inner then we would be fit.


Today I will take you a little deeper to tell you how both movies and music works like a medicine to keep your body fit and obviously active.

1st Point- Movie and Music directly Hit Your Brain

Have you ever noticed that while listening to your favorite song you start singing the song to the tune? Yes, that’s common that you might me thinking some serious thing, but as soon as you hear the song you start whispering. That is the power of music because it directly hit your brain to release all the tension from your head.

2nd Point- It Change Your Mood

As I mentioned in the first point, the music hit your brain directly and release all your tensions. When your brain forgets all the tensions you automatically enters into a good mood. Now let’s imagine that you are watching a good comedy movie using any of the best movie streaming websites on your laptop and there is some really funny act goes, in that situation would you cry? No, right? When you smile or add your emotion with movie, you forget all the your own problem and help you to change your mood.

3rd Music Boost the Brain Chemicals

When you listen to any of your favorite movies, it directly hit your brain, which results you a good mood. This also helps the brain to boost its strength by improving its one of the brain chemical. When that chemical improves it automatically improves your strength to think wisely and taking the right decision.

The chemical it releases also known as a Feel Good chemical which mean you will be in the good mood. There are people who use to listen to music while working and according to them that music helps them to get the maximum output.

4th Learn From Movie

There are thousands of kinds of movie and most of the movie teaches you something, some moral. There are also tons of motivational movies available which helps you to achieve what you are looking for in your life. Those motivational movies create a kind of zeal in yourself to achieve some kind of task. When you get what you wanted then it is obvious that you feel good and that ultimately leaves your body stresses less and that result of good health.

There are hundreds of benefits but the above were the most possible reasons.



legwarmers_largeAmanda Russell was closing in on the Beijing Olympics for the 10,000m when she suffered a career-ending leg injury. Told she would never run again, she began experimenting with metabolic training in order to maintain her runner’s body – and passion for fitness – without having to lace up her sneakers. Amazed at its transformative power, she developed The AR Program, a customized workout regimen based off the training framework she used as an elite athlete. The program is composed of 20- to 30-minute metabolic training sessions that burn more calories and fat than most 70-minute workouts.

Alongside her work teaching, and inspiring, others to conquer their health and fitness goals via The AR Program, Amanda is the face of ARFit ( ARFit is a rapidly growing YouTube fitness channel that brings the gym to you, for free. Sharing her technique with fans around the globe, Amanda showcases a fun, new, calorie-torching workout every week while helping motivate viewers to look and feel their best with her proprietary diet tips and tricks. Interacting daily with her clients through her website,, Amanda creates personalized fitness programs based on their unique needs, while updating visitors on the latest fitness and health trends. Most recently Amanda launched her first ever 14 Day Diet & Fitness Plan as a direct response to incredible viewer demand. Armed with invaluable experience as an elite athlete, holding an MBA in Marketing, and with a passion for helping people follow their dreams, Amanda’s goal is to become the “Oprah of Fitness.”

Currently serving as the spokesperson for ZICO Coconut Water, Splits 59 and Rollerblade, Amanda has been featured in numerous fitness magazines as both a contributor and fitness model, including SELF, Runners World, Fitness, Redbook, and Women’s Health. She was also selected as one of “YouTube’s Next Trainers,” a title awarded to only 16 contestants around the world. She teaches at Equinox Fitness, in addition to hosting her popular AR Program Boot Camp around the country, and has been the keynote speaker for many events such as the Toronto Marathon, OptimMYz Live Wellness Conference, and WPIX11 Health and Wellness Expo.

Movies and Music for Fit Body

This past summer, Amanda was chosen as the official spokesperson for LIVESTRONG YouTube to cover London 2012 games, airing the mini-series “The Olympic Experience with Amanda Russell.” In addition, she just conducted the first ever “Bridal Boot Camp” at the Plaza Hotel in New York City and has been named the Plaza’s Bridal Fitness Expert.

Amanda spends her “down” time doing philanthropic work and motivational speaking for organizations close to her heart, such as Girls on the Run, dedicated to educating and empowering girls to prevent future at-risk activities. She currently lives in New York City’s West Village with her fiancé, Matt.





Hi Amanda,
I just wanted to write you and let you know you have a new fan base in Greenville, NC where I am finishing up my Pediatric residency! I have been doing your videos for about 1 month and my body has literally transformed. I have lost 7 percent body fat and am so much stronger and more muscular. I have always been a runner, but never did any strength training and really didn’t do much else besides run, but now I am more toned and can do exercises that when I first started your videos I couldn’t do. I wish I had before and after pictures for you. The biggest thing is that people keep asking me what I am doing and are very impressed. My girlfriends here started doing it and are addicted. One of my friends who never exercises started doing it and is so sore, but notices such a difference already in a week! Thank you again for changing my attitude about health and fitness!! I hope one day I will get to meet you! Take care.
Farha, MD

Greenville, NC

Hi Amanda!!! Your 14 Day Plan is seriously life changing…I was a little intimidated to try it as I’m not good with diets OR exercise but was shocked at how easy it was to follow and how much I actually enjoyed it! Not only did I lose 12lbs in 14 days, but I learned so so much and it has changed the way I live my life – I’m recommending your program to EVERYONE I know!

Jennifer Lee

Hong Kong, China


I don’t know how to explain it…you how you have changed my life COMPLETELY . . After watching your videos I was so inspired that I started working out everyday and eating much healthier then I subscribed to your 14 Day Plan and I have never been the same. I lost weight, toned up and I feel sooo much happier and good about life now . =) SERIOUSLY, I LOVE YOU, I couldn’t have done this without you .PS : the meal plan is AMAZING!!


New York, New York

Amanda, Amanda, Amanda. I really want to take this opportunity to give you a MEGA thank you for all the workouts you’ve produced and the 14 Day Plan that changed my life. They’ve helped me more than any other method I’ve tried. Especially the gym. I sweat, see effects and even get EXCITED a lot more about these than going to the gym. I’ve seen changes in my body already and if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t of even been motivated to move!!! So thank you so much! You’re the best trainer going and have my full support!


Milan, Italy


I love The AR Program. I am proof it works. I did Amanda’s 14 Day Plan for 30 days straight and lost 40 pounds. SInce then I’ve lost another 30, and hope to lose 20 more. Hang in there guys, it really does work and anyone can do it. Thanks Amanda.




My name is Melissa MacDonald I’m 26 and this happens to be my first e-mail I have ever sent to anyone remotely classified as a “celebrity”. I have a hyper mobility condition (the step above double jointedness) that actually saved my life when I was 19.
I was a competitive Dressage rider (horses) and had an accident where I went head first off my horse and he partially fell on top of me. If I hadn’t been as flexible I would of broken my next and back in the best case. After years of being unable to work out I was finally given a clean bill of health. 7 years and nearly 70lbs heavier I’m struggling but committed to getting my fitness back. After hearing your story on a podcast my attitude shifted…. Really I can’t explain the resonance I felt with your mission and commitment. I have been watching your fitness channel for just over a month without knowing your background and knew there was something different about you and now I am even more of a fan.
Really I’m not sure why I’m writing this e-mail, I guess more than anything I wanted you to know that you have changed my life and my attitude.

Thank you again.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hey Amanda, I just wanted to give you an update on my weight-loss. I’ve lost 21 pounds since I started doing your workouts. I’m not trying to loose weight as fast as I can, I’m trying to change my habits and my life for good, so I’m being easy on myself and I have to say, I love it so much, I don’t even mind getting up and working out. So far I’ve already “converted” five people who are also starting with your 14 Day Plan! Just wanted you to know that what you do really makes a difference. ♥



Austin, TX

Hi Amanda!! I know you are incredibly busy but I thought I would write to you to tell you that you are such a positive inspiration to me! I just had a baby 12 weeks ago and used your 14 Day Plan to get me back into shape. I was SOO worried about the post-baby weight but I’m actually looking BETTER than I EVER did pre-pregnancy, it’s a miracle, people are asking me what I’m doing and you’ve made me a preacher – Amanda Russell’s 14 Day Plan!

Boston, MA

AMAZING PROGRAM!! I’m a new subscriber… I love your workouts and have started doing them since I discovered you. I like that your exercises are simple and can be done in the comfort of one’s own home. AND your meals are so simple, easy and delicious! Thank you, this has changed my body and my life!
Thomas Cruger

Toronto, Canada

Bridal Bootcamp at the Plaza Hotel New York

This past summer I hosted the First EVER Bridal Bootcamp in the Plaza Hotel Grand Ballroom, and let me tell you, it was an epic success!

Not only did brides, alongside their bridesmaids, mothers, sisters, and friends, sweat out a high energy, calorie torching 30 min workout to rocking good music in the most dramatic room I’ve ever stepped inside (yes that would be the grand ballroom), but everyone had a fantastic time mingling afterward and enjoying exquisite cocktails from celebrity mixologists, tasty treats from the head chef of The Plaza and goody bags and consultations from industry experts in beauty, style, hair, wedding planning and more!

It was so so GREAT we just had to do it again! So if you missed it last time, now’s your chance – Round 2 of Plaza Bridal Bootcamp in NYC! (for a taste of some of my workouts, view some of my endless workout videos on my youtube channel AmandaRussell.TV)

Where: The Plaza Hotel – Grand Ballroom

When: Tuesday, Octber 2nd

Time: Workout: 6:30-7pm , cocktails and social to follow!

Cost: $25.00 with portion of proceeds going to Wish Upon a Wedding

Who: You don’t have to be a bride (of course if you are, there’s no excuse notto come and bring your whole party). Anyone who wants a good workout, a great group of people and has a passion for anything food, fitness, fashion and philanthropy!

RSVP: [email protected]

Note: Post workout Hors D’Ouvres will be provided by The Plaza Executive Chef, Robb Garceau. Cocktails will be provided by The Cocktail Architect





I invite you to join me, so get motivated and ready,fitgoals_1_large


No gimmicks, no fancy equipment, no time hour + workouts, no pills, no starvation – I Promise!

When I asked myself, “How can I help thousands of fans achieve their fitness goals all at once?” I knew the answer wasn’t some super-secret only models and celebrities knew. I’d figured it out myself, from a lifetime of training as a runner at an Olympic level, to having to start from scratch after being derailed with an injury for 2 years and left unable to run. It’s hard-yet-SMART work, the right formula, and the drive to be the YOU that you want to be.



ARbuynow_largeHowever, there is a BEST way to go about it and THAT is what I’m here for. I am giving you the perfect framework to transform your body. I hate the word gimmick and I don’t want to waste your time, and eyeballs, telling you WHY you should join me. Instead I speak with RESULTS.


I’m ready…are YOU?









testimonials_largeWhat’s the 14 Day Plan All About?

I’ve taken the MOST effective ARfit workouts, in the RIGHT order from and added a step-by-step meal plan – recipes included!

With this plan, you will get 2 FULL WEEKS of daily workouts alongside a daily meal plan and easy, delicious recipes that you can take with you anywhere, anytime! I use this plan when I need to get ready for a big event, OR if I’ve just fallen off the wagon and need to get back on track!

Can you identify with any of these?

-Do you have the inner desire to slim down, lose some pounds/stones?
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-Fallen off the wagon and need a plan/map to get back on track?
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That’s what this 14 Day Shape-Up Plan is for!


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  • You can’t change your genes – MYTH and I’ll PROVE it!
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THIS plan is for you!!

In 14 Days (yes ONLY 14 days) you will rev up your metabolism, slim down, lose the puffy & bloated feeling, tone and tighten your body, revitalize your skin, and have renewed ENERGY, focus and love for life.

In 14 Days you WILL feel like a NEW person!

reshape_1_largeFor less than the price of 2 personal training sessions you will receive ($139):

  • 14 days of Workouts (with instructional videos to lead the way)
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